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'Christmas in a Box' Appeal 2021

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Every year there are families who cannot afford to give their children a Christmas they deserve.  In these times where utility bills are rising and the Universal Credit levy has been cut, families have to choose to 'heat or eat' every day.  Christmas is another burden they dread.

YOU can make a huge difference to them by donating to our 'Christmas in a Box' Appeal. 

£30 will provide a family with everything they need for a Christmas Dinner and a few extras...

£5 will provide a gift box for a child to open Christmas morning

That's less than a pizza or bottle of gin but can transform a family's festive fun.

Thank you for every penny donated.

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We work hard to get our efforts noticed by the community at large and we're grateful for every Like and Share on Facebook as well as every £1 donated.

Christmas in a Box Appeal

In November, we launched our 'Christmas in a Box' Appeal.  We aimed to raise £1,500 to provide 50 families with a Box which gives them the basics for a family festive feast as well as other goodies which we take for granted.

We managed to generate enough for 60 Boxes which we distributed in the week before Christmas.

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